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Sweeteners | Molecular Additives (50G)

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Sugar substitutes are often needed in food preparation because they have little or no impact on sugar blood levels and do not stimulate release of insulin.

Isomalt is a form of sugar alcohol preferred primarily for its sugar-like physical properties. It has no impact on blood sugar levels and does not stimulate the release of insulin and does not cause tooth-decay. It is an excellent substitute for sugar foods for people with diabetes and ideal for candy creation. You can also make crystals and encapsulate fatty products and of course decorations.

Mannitol  is a type of carbohydrate called a polyol. It contains about 60 percent fewer calories than sugar, is half as sweet and often a source of sweeting for diabetics. It occurs naturally in fresh mushrooms, brown algae, tree bark and most fruits and vegetables.  As a sugar substitute it is excellent for chocolate coatings and confections such as marzipan, halvah, and fruitcake.