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Vesta Precision

Sous Vide Start Kit

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Vesta Precision has the perfect Sous Vide Starter Kit for you! Everything you need to create delicious, gourmet meals that rival top quality restaurants is now available at an incredible value.  Introducing the Vesta Precision Sous Vide Starter Kit - when you order, you’ll receive:

  • Imersa Sous Vide Immersion Circulator - With Vesta Precision’s Imersa, Smart Wi-Fi enabled immersion circulator, you can use any pot in your kitchen to create a mouthwatering meal, hands-free, that your family will love.

  • Vac ‘N Seal Vacuum Sealer - The Vac ‘n Seal from Vesta Precision is the perfect tool for all your cooking and food storage needs. This vacuum sealer lets you seal both moist and dry ingredients easily.

  • 2 Boxes of 25 count Vacuum Seal Bags - 8” x 12” and 11” x 16” vacuum seal pouches– Vesta Precision’s vacuum seal bags, rolls and pouches can preserve food 3 to 5 times longer than traditional storage systems like zipper baggies and containers.