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San Juan Islands Sea Salt

Assorted Sea Salts - 1 oz Jar

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Natural Sea Salt Sunshine and seawater, the only ingredients in our mineral rich sea salt. The 1 oz jars are the perfect size to give loved ones a taste of the Pacific Northwest.

Madrona is a taste of the San Juans, born out of our unique island ecosystem. The Pacific Madrona is a beautiful and interesting native tree that grows here on the island. It grows on rocky slopes, in forest clearings and its shape is never twice the same. We collect fallen branches of the tree on the island and use them to cold smoke our sea salt. This smoked salt has a hearty, smoked salmon like aroma, with a soft brown caramel color. Many smoked salts I have tried are overly intense and harsh, but we prefer a light-medium smoke, and this salt lives up to that.

A few great ways to use this salt are on a slice of a fresh garden tomato, on roasted root vegetables, or as a seasoning on chicken or steak.

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