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Assorted Hot Sauces

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Nothing warms you up quicker than a dab of our tasty and spicy sauces. Try them all and enjoy some island heat in so many different ways!

  • Create a wicked Buffalo chicken wing sauce.
  • Fold into scrambled eggs or omelet.
  • Add a perk to your hollandaise or mayonnaise.
  • Flavor your tartar sauce or stir it into ketchup.
  • Put a dash of heat into BBQ ribs.
  • Whisk into a vinaigrette or spice up a thousand island dressing for salads.
  • Add a bit of wow to your burger.
  • Wonderful for Marinades.
  • Perfect in (and on) chili.
  • Perk up a bowl of organic greens.
  • Add a bit of kick to a stir-fry.
  • …and many more!