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Girl Meets Dirt

Assorted Spoon Preserves

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Girl Meets Dirt line of cutting and spoon preserves are tailor-made for sweet & savory pairing.  A natural accompaniment to cheese, our preserves upgrade your cheese platter to sublime.  They bring a sense of gravitas to any meal– an appreciation for tradition: for the bounty the land provides, and the simple human ingenuity that inspired us long ago, to preserve it.

Spoon preserves, more like a traditional jam, have a softer set than our cutting preserves, but with lots of great texture. Super fruit forward, these are made using classic French techniques, including a long soak to draw out the most from the fruit's juices. They are equally at home on toast, dessert, cheese, or straight from the spoon (the way preserves were originally enjoyed - unadorned - all eyes on the fruit in the middle of a snowy winter).

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