Executive Chef Cesar Oceguera, a native of San Diego, found his exploration of the culinary world through an infusion of travel and devotion to his Mexican roots. In addition to honing his skills in several of San Diego's high-profile restaurants, Chef Cesar continued his culinary career in world-renowned kitchens across the nation, including Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill in New York, Gordon Ramsey's Pub and Grill in Vegas and Gastroarte Restaurant in New York. Chef Cesar brings his ambitious drive to Carté and his commitment to artful, globally-influenced American cuisine to your next event.

What Chef Cesar Ocegura's has to say about Attivo Culinary

Attivo has been an excellent partner in my culinary endeavors. If it were not for our partnership, I would never have learned about the MCS Mega Molecular Cuisine Kit. I have thuroughly enjoyed exploring and creating new flavors and textures for my clients with these unique products!

  • Egg 63 Recipe

    Nothing beats a classic cooked to perfection! Try Chef Cesar's technique on sous vide eggs.

  • Root Beer Short Ribs

    What is better on the BBQ than short ribs?! Enjoy this sweet spin on short ribs and tell us what you think.

  • Bouillabaisse Dish

    This french recipe combines all the New England ingredients for that perfect dish no matter what the season.

  • Chef Sean Seaton

    Born in Southern California and transplanted in Wyoming Chef Sean Seaton traveled back and forth, summers in California and winters in Wyoming.

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  • Chef Jeffrey Compton

    Born and raised in Florida, Jeffrey has been fully immersed in the food scene since he was a child. His main passion is bridging the gap between local farmers and the community.

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  • Chef Ozzy Rizvi

    Chef Ozzy began his Journey in a small town in Austria at the age of seven. His food philosophy is to respect nature as the true artist and the cooks as technicians.

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