Chef Ozzy is a passionate young Chef, who has been trained by some of the best chefs in the world. Ozzy started his Journey in a small town in Austria. He began his culinary career by making butter at the age of seven, working his way up in Mississippi to New Orleans and his first endeavor was at the Bar a Vin 1855, making him the youngest chef in Boston. Ozzy's way of cooking is not French or Italian, but it is the use of ingredients and cooking them to perfection. His food philosophy is to respect nature as the true artist and the cooks as technicians. His passion is to feed people and bring joy through beautifully cooked meals.

What Chef Ozzy Rizvi has to say about Attivo Culinary

If it were not for my partnership with Attivo Culinary, I doubt I would have tried the Léuke Pickling Kit. I absolutely love the ease of that product as well as all of the other food storage options that Attivo Culinary offers which enhances the shelf life of my culinary creations.

  • Bouillabaisse Dish

    This french recipe combines all the New England ingredients for that perfect dish no matter what the season.

  • Blueberry Buckle

    New England is famous for it's Blueberry Buckle, this recipe is super easy and produces the most delicious dessert.

  • New England Dill Pickles

    When it comes to fermenting and pickeling, New England is on the ball. This recipe is both simple and delicious.

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  • Chef Miguel Angel

    Culinary arts professional and Molecular pastry Chef. CEO creator of Molecular Cuisine Supplies, Mexico and Colombia.

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  • Chef Michael Dei Maggi

    Michael DeiMaggi was born in the early 80’s to an Italian father, and a mother of Ruthenian/Slovak descent. The unique mix of cuisines in the home.

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