Michael Dei Maggi was born in the early 80’s to an Italian father, and a mother of Ruthenian/Slovak descent. The unique mix of cuisines in the home, and extensive world travel instilled in the young man a love of food, and the mysteries of the kitchen. He received his culinary education under MOF Serge Backes, at the fabled lighthouse Inn. Post completion of his apprenticeship program Chef Dei Maggi returned to Europe for testing and externship. Upon his return, Chef DeiMaggi worked and staged in some of the nation’s finest restaurants, with stints everywhere from Napa to Texas, Arizona and the East Coast. In more recent years Chef DeiMaggi helmed the International Culinary Innovation team at PF Chang’s, and developed the culinary program for Footprint Center, and the Phoenix Suns in Phoenix Arizona. Chef Michael has returned to his alma mater, the Lighthouse Inn, where he is currently re-developing the hospitality program as Director of Food and Beverage. Chef DeiMaggi lives with his wife, 2 out of three of their daughters, and his 14-year-old son. They currently split time between Arizona and Coastal Connecticut, cooking, exploring, and laughing a lot!

What Chef Michael Dei Maggi has to say about Attivo Culinary

Attivo has been an excellent partner in my culinary endeavors. If it were not for our partnership, I would never have learned about the MCS Mega Molecular Cuisine Kit. I have thuroughly enjoyed exploring and creating new flavors and textures for my clients with these unique products!

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