Chef Elizabeth’s passionate cuisine career in Mexico includes executive chef leadership and sous chef roles as well as overall restaurant organization and management. Currently she is Executive Chef & Culinary Advisor with our sister company Attivo Culinary, Mexico. An especially innovative recipe designer and talented in the sous vide cooking technique, she is author of the cookbook Savors Mexico, published by and available from Attivo. In this, over a wide variety of foods, she features several international cuisine concepts with a distinctive Mexican sous vide twist and which yield unique flavorful delights. Currently Chef Elizabeth is creating for Attivo an assortment of exclusive spicy salsas, sauces and dried spice mixes. She is also crafting recipes for her next cookbook to feature Mexican soups and casseroles.

What Chef Elizabeth Campos has to say about Attivo Culinary

Attivo has been an excellent partner in my culinary endeavors. Together we have published Savors Mexico, a cookbook featuring my traditional family recipes done through the sous vide cooking technique. Stay tuned as we work together to release our next book!

  • Chicken Stew

    This simple sous vide chicken stew will delight your tastebuds and can be made with a few simple ingredients.

  • Arrachera with Tequila

    This delicious flank steak recipe is keeps things juicy by using Tequila, Coke-Cola, and Worcestershire sauce.

  • Seafood Paella

    Savor the flavor of Mexico with this savory sous vide Seafood Paella recipe.

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