2022 Culinary and Cooking Trends for Aspiring Chefs

2022 Culinary and Cooking Trends for Aspiring Chefs

If you're an aspiring chef, then you'll want to stay ahead of the curve and know about the latest culinary and cooking trends. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular trends that are expected to take off in 2022. From plant-based proteins to molecular gastronomy, there is something for everyone! So whether you're just starting out in your culinary career or looking to switch things up, be sure to keep these trends in mind.

Sustainability, Eco-Friendly Products

While some people might think that cooking is all about following recipes to the letter, more and more people are beginning to realize that where your ingredients come from is just as important as how you prepare them.

In recent years, there has been a growing movement towards sourcing ingredients and products from environmentally friendly and sustainable companies. This trend is driven in part by a desire to reduce the environmental impact of our diets, but it also reflects a growing awareness of the working conditions of those who produce our food.

By choosing to buy products from companies that treat their workers fairly and pay their employees a living wage, we can all play a role in making the food system more just and sustainable.

Molecular Gastronomy & Cooking

Molecular gastronomy is the scientific study of food and cooking. It is a relatively new area of research that is constantly evolving as more people become interested in cooking at home.

There are many different aspects to molecular gastronomy, from the study of flavor compounds to the use of small-scale kitchen equipment. Aspiring chefs can use molecular gastronomy to improve their cooking and hone their skills in the kitchen. One of the most important things that molecular gastronomy can offer is a better understanding of how flavors work together.

This knowledge can help chefs create more complex and interesting dishes. In addition, molecular gastronomy can also be used to create new textures and flavors that were not possible before. The possibilities are endless for those who are willing to explore this fascinating area of cooking.

Incorporating Different Herbs Into Food & Drinks

The world of cooking is constantly evolving. As new ingredients become available and transportation improves, chefs have more opportunities than ever to experiment with different flavors and cuisines. In the past, many aspiring chefs were limited to whatever was available locally. But nowadays, it's easy to find just about anything you need at your local grocery store.

This has led to a boom in creativity in the kitchen, as chefs are now able to experiment with a much wider range of flavors and ingredients. And as more and more people become interested in trying new things, the demand for innovative recipes is only likely to continue growing. So if you're thinking about pursuing a career in the culinary arts, there has never been a better time to get started.


Connoisseurs of fine cuisine have long appreciated the complex flavors of fermented foods. Now, this centuries-old process is becoming more popular with home cooks who are looking to add a unique twist to their dishes. From kimchi to homemade pickles, there are endless possibilities for creating flavorful and personality-packed dishes.

The best part is that fermentation is relatively easy to do at home, and the results are well worth the effort. Whether you're an experienced cook or a complete novice, give fermentation a try and see how it can transform your culinary creations.

Sous Vide

Sous vide cooking is a popular method of cooking that has been growing in popularity in recent years. The name comes from the French term sous vide, which means "under vacuum." This cooking method involves sealing food in a plastic bag and then cooking it in a water bath at a very precise temperature. This allows the food to retain its moisture and flavor and results in perfectly cooked dishes every time.

While sous vide cooking was once only used by professional chefs, it is now becoming more popular with home cooks as well. Many kitchen appliances now have sous vide settings, and there are even dedicated sous vide cookers available. If you're looking for a new way to cook, sous vide is definitely worth trying.

If you already have your sous vide equipment, be sure to read a complete sous vide time and temperature guide, the advantages of sous vide cooking, or how to clean your sous vide equipment.

Plant-Based Foods & Ingredients

As science has progressed in the last few years, plant-based products are now readily accessible to most home cooks and consumers. Vegans and vegetarians now have access to a variety of foods that mimic non-vegan/vegetarian foods, opening a world of possibilities for traditional cuisine and eco-friendly cooking.

Plant-based products have come a long way in recent years, and they are now widely available in supermarkets and online. Vegan cheese, for example, is now made from a variety of plant-based ingredients, such as nuts, seeds, and coconut milk. These cheese replacements can be used in any recipe that calls for traditional cheese, making it easy to veganize your favorite dishes.

Similarly, plant-based meat products are now readily available, making it possible to enjoy all your favorite meals without any animal products. With so many delicious plant-based options available, there has never been a better time to try vegan/vegetarian cooking!

The Culinary Revolution

Home cooking has always been a staple of comfort and relaxation, but in the age of COVID, it has become an essential part of self-care. With restaurants closed or operating at limited capacity, many people have turned to the kitchen to satisfy their cravings for familiar foods.

At the same time, the widespread adoption of video conferencing has made cooking shows and classes more accessible than ever before. As a result, home cooking is experiencing a renaissance, with people of all ages and backgrounds exploring new recipes and dishes.

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